Week 4 of Gestation



2622 Belle Meade Drive Northeast, Huntsville, AL, United States

Pregnancy Progress~Delivered Nov.15,2018 

Week 3 of Gestation

Born on November 15th, 2018 these babies are sure to be the perfect addition to any family! 

Interested  yet  Questions...

Week 5 of Gestation


Nothing but Doodles

Meet The Pup's... 

Week 6 of Gestation

Puppies you will


Week 2 of Gestation

Meet the Parents !!!

A few words about us- Meet the Durbins

 Welcome, Goldendoodle fanciers

Week 7 of Gestation

Huntsville Goldendoodle puppy for sale

Welcome to our website!

We take great pleasure in showcasing our furry family members and our philosophy on professional puppy breeding.  We understand that everyone has an independent expression of who they are and what type of dog matches that personality. Our goal on this webpage is to capture the unique qualities and personality of every puppy we sire through photography.

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